I Am Love Revolution: How to Draw Your Own Superhero


The aim of this workshop was for less experienced participants and children to create a fully conceptualised superhero with focus given to particular anatomical drawing elements and figure poses. The workshop, therefore, was not limited to pure visual character design, but placed emphasis on character and narrative development as well. Participants created an original character, including a name, powers and a back-story (namely the mythology behind a particular character) of how they came to possess these powers. The aim of this workshop was to introduce and develop narrative elements that conceptually align with the character created by participants. Emphasis was placed on understanding how characters have the potential to bridge a variety of platforms, ranging from comics, to games, movies and more, once key narrative and conceptual development had taken place.


Introduction presentation: What is a superhero?
How to draw a superhero. Looking at the technical aspects of drawing the human figure, ranging from face to body to poses.
Draw your own Superhero. Participants were encouraged to create their own hero, applying basic drawing and anatomy skills discussed beforehand.
Facilitators allowed for participants to work in their own time while assisting them throughout by giving both technical and conceptual advise in formulating a hero.
Final roundup. Participants presented their completed superhero drawings to the rest of the class. Summing up their unique characters from name, to power to origin story.
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